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Dedicated Events Held Every from Saturday 7pm - Midnight

Club F.O.D at The Blagrave

Club F.O.D organises events at The Blagrave Arms in Reading. These take place on the last Saturday of each month. The nights include DJ, Drag Queens and Games. After lockdown Club F.O.D will now hold events every Saturday: our usual club nights on the last Saturday of the month and smaller events on the other […]

Club F.O.D. at Home

Given the action the world is taking against COVID-19, most of us are currently in lockdown at home. This has meant that our monthly events have been unable to take place at The Blagrave. To adapt, we have started broadcasting events from home. This has included Quiz Nights and our very own magazine show, The […]

Fund Of Diversity

As well as creating a safe space for members of the LGBT+ community to socialise, the FOD Squad actively raise money for local LGBT+ charities and projects. All money raised is divided equally and given to the nominated charities, projects and good causes. In 2019 (our first year) we raised £1,343 which was given to […]